What methods of payment do you accept? Mastercard, Visa (credit or debit), and Cash; Checks are NOT accepted 

What ways can I book my appointments? I as the Owner asks that all booking be done via: calling the salon or via our online booking, which is available 24/7 via this websites Home Page or by clicking on this link www.vagaro.com/sugarsalon. Stylists should never be contacted for appointment booking, cancellations etc.

Per your website you close at 6pm, why can't I book for 6pm? We take the last client two hours before our closing time. Therefore on days that we close at 6pm, the last client will be taken at 4pm.

Why do you all close early? We are open five days a week which are: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And we offer a variety of hours, with Thursday's and Saturday's being the later days. We also do not stay opon as late, due to there not being a demand to be open late. The majority of our clients come during the day time hours. There is not enough demand to remain open late during the week other than Thursdays.

I have cancelled many times by booking online and cancelling online, or I have showed up late for my appointments several times or called and cancelled at the last minute many times, but I would still love to be a client of Sugar Salon, how is this handled? Due to this being an "appointment based" business, monies are last with last minnute cancellastions, no shows etc. Therefore, if you have had many cancellations, many last minute cancellations and many last minute cancellations then we would still love for you to be a client, but you will be required to pay a $25 booking fee to secure your appointment slot. This shows a "good faith" act that you seriosly desire to keep your appointment. After the booking fee has been paid and you arrive over ten minutes late, cancel in less than a 24 hour notice, or cancel at the late minute, the booking fee will be retained as a late or no show fee.

I saw one of your offers, how to I use it? The offer must be mentioned at the time of booking either by phone or in the appointment notes during online booking. Discounts can not be offered if not mentioned at time of booking.

What is multi-cultural styling? That simply means that our Stylist's are skilled and experienced in servicing all hair types i.e: ethnic hair, european hair types, every hair type and every ethnicity.

Is there a deposit/booking fee required for weaves/extensions and/or keratin straightening? For services that take 2 hours or more, such as extensions/weaves, braided styles, keratin straightening, or curly perms there may be a $25+ booking fee charged to secure your appointment date and time. Why? Because these services require long periods of time to complete and if a client is a "no show" or cancels in less than the required 24 hour time period, that causes the salon and the Stylists to lose revenue when/if the time slot can not be filled. Unfortunately for all, some times this does occur, which is why booking fee's may be required.

I had a booked appointment, but I was a no call/no show for a booked appointmnet, circumstances did not allow me to call or attend my appointment, can I rebook? No call/No show clients can rebook, but you must pay a $25 "booking fee", if you arrive on time for your appointment the $25 will be deducted from the amount owed.

I am running late for my appointment, should I call or just show up late?
Being that we are an "appointment based business", please call the salon even if you are running 5 minutes late. Please call 770-813-7718. Please be advised that your tardiness can make us get behind on all of our clients, therefore you may have to be rescheduled just depends on how late you are going to be.

Do you offer services for the entire family? Yes, we do. We service: men, women and children of every hair texture.

Are the Stylist's at Sugar Salon booth rental Stylists? No, Sugar Salon is a commission structured salon, being that "the client comes first!", this was the best structure for Sugar Salon. Client services and structure is of the utmost importance, therefore all booking, cancellations etc are to be done by contacting the salon only. Stylists should not be obtaining your: phone#, email address or any other contact info. Our Stylists are not for hire, nor do we offer mobile services.

Why am I asked to complete a Client Profile Form with my personal information? Sugar Salon is a commission structured salon and your personal information should only be gathered and is only stored by Sugar Salon in the Sugar Salon Client Database, your personal information is not shared with Stylists or anyone else. We take pride in keeping your personal information private, with that in mind, please do all appointment bookings, cancellations etc via the salon.

I had a service done and I have a concern with my hair, who should I contact? Client satisfaction is always our policy. But if you receive a service and for some reason you are not totally happy with it, you must let us know prior to leaving the salon. You will have an oppotunity to see your hair during the process, in the middle of the process and after the process. Those are the times to communicate your dissatisfaction. If you do not conmmunicate your dissatisfaction to the Owner or the Supervisor in her absence, then once you leave the salon, you then become responsible for not informing us and leaving as if you were a satisfied client and not giving us the opportunity to do it to your satisfaction. We also do not offer refunds to clients if a full service was performed. Our Stylists are trained to communicate everything up front prior to proceeding on the clients hair. Please note that selecting a style from a hair magazine or other image, may not always look "exactly" the same on your. It depends on: your own hair texture, length of your own hair, whether your hair is relaxed or natural, whether extension hair has to be added to make your hair the length of the style that you selected etc. We can probably style it close to the picture, but no two heads of hair are the exact same, so please know that and be aware of that and we will certainiy inform you if there are some stipulations such as possibly your own hair is too short, too damaged or broken of, not long enough, will require extension hair etc.

Do you sell weaving hair? We do keep a variety of textures of colors of weaving hair in the salon for clients to purchase. We also sell Grade AAA Malaysian weaving hair and offer "all inclusive" weave packages that include the Malaysian hair.

am a GA licensed Stylist who would love to find out more about working at Sugar Salon, how do I follow through? Please click on the CAREERS page to see what our openings and requirements are and then submit your resume to info@sugarsalon.net

What kind of waxing services do you offer? brow, upper lip and face
I have a relaxer, can I get a curly perm? No, you can not because they are two different chemicals, in doing so, it will result in immediate breakage, shedding and damage. Be certain to divulge all chemical usage to your Stylist prior to a chemical service, especially if you are a new client to Sugar Salon, whether you did the service at home yourself or received it at another salon.
Can I get hair color and relaxer on the same day? Yes, only if it is a rinse; a permanent color can not be done on the same day of a relaxer, or immediate severe breakage and shedding will occur
What is keratin straightening and can I get one if I have relaxer, color-treated or other chemicals? Keratin is a protein found in: hair, skin and nails. Over time your hair depletes of the much needed keratin. Sugar Salon is a Keratin Certified Salon and we have personally seen: thicker hair, healthier hair and more managable hair and hair that will not revert back after working out or sweating. Keratin can be used on all hair types and you can get a keratin straightening on relaxed or color treated hair. It can last up to 3 to 5 months depending on your hair texture and of course with proper salon maintenance and then your hair reverts back to it's natural/pre-keratin straightening state when it wears off. For more information. call 770-813-7718 to schedule a FREE consultation, you may book it online with the Owner, M. Williams. We use GK Keratin, we have used it for years and it is our personal favorite.

Do you offer any hairloss options? Yes, we offer free consultations for clients to discuss your own personal needs and have a Certified Hairloss Stylist on staff and we can offer private services for you 
Do you have a Barber on staff? Yes, we do have a Master Barber on staff that offers clipper and shear cuts for all textures of hair and all ethnicites. Prebooking is suggested for barbering services.
Do you offer eyelash extensions? Yes, we do offer strip and individual lashes, appointments are required for eyelash and brow services. We offer brow shaping via: wax or tweezer.
Do you offer discounts if I refer a new client or bring a friend? Yes, $10 off of your service for every new client referred to Sugar Salon. You can also pick up Referral Coupons, pass them out to friends and they get $10 off their initial visit and you will get $10 off after their visit. There is no limit to the number of discounts you get via this method, so take advantage of this opportunity to save. We truly appreciate referrals and thank you in advance for your referrals
Do you accept walk-in clients? Yes, we make every effort to accomodate walk in clients as quickly as possible if you decide to walk in. But we would suggest calling ahead to get the best walk in time for any given day.

Do you offer services for kids? Yes, we love to service kids and offer a variety of hair services for children such as: shampoo/style, shampoo/pony tails, braids/cornrows, texturizers, Design Essentials Amino Acid Straighter etc. Please see childrens pricing under SERVICES menu  
Do you offer natural (chemical-free) hair services and/or braided styles? Yes, we offer: silk presses, steam hydration, two strand twists, braid sets, twist sets, loc styling, loc maintenance, loc repair, loc extensions, cornrows, designer cornrows, kinky twists, microbraids, braid take downs and more for kids, adults, men and women. If you don't see the service, please call to ask and we probably do offer it. 
What is steam hydration? Steam Hydration is a method of using moisture to infuse protein, moisture or organic oils into the hairs cuticle layer, which is a method that works at a higher level than usage of a plastic cap under the dryer. This method is excellent for: natural hair, color treated hair, relaxed hair, hairloss, scalp issue's etc and it stops breakage, dryness and helps the hair to have more elasticity.
What kind of weaving/extension methods do you offer? sewn-in weave, invisible part weaves, net weaves for hairloss clients, bonded/quick weave, clip on weave, microlinks/strand by strand, lace front wigs, partial lace wigs, wig caps and more
Is it okay to bring my young child to my appointment with me if he or she isn't getting services? Due to chemicals, shears/scissors, hot implements, hot stoves etc, salons are not a safe place for kids who may get restless and want to get up and walk around or run around in the salon. Due to these reasons, it is not safe for your child or children who are not being serviced. And for the relaxation of the clients, we ask that you please not bring children to your service with you if they are not receiving a service
Is it okay for me to bring food to eat at the salon? To keep the salon clean and sanitary, we ask that you please do not bring food inside of the salon to eat. We do have an outdoor sit down table area where you can enjoy your food.
I have enrolled my email address and/or cell phone# in your enrollment online, will I be spammed, or will my info be shared? No, your information is very private and confidential and will only be used to email or text you salon specials, salon news and suchlike
Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Yes, we are on both: Facebook@sugarsalon, Twitter@sugarsalonllc

We hope that reading this section helped to answer some of your qusetions, but if some remain unanswered, please feel free to email us any question that you may have for a prompt reply. Please Email us at info@sugarsalon.net

We have Weave Bundle Deals that include Grade 10A Virgin Hair. Bundle Deal One: 14.16,18 inch body wave bundles, includes install with leave out, no shampoo and style. Bundle Deal Two: 1618.20 inch body wave bundles includes install with leave out, no shampoo and style. A $25 deposit is required, pay to Cash App $teamsugar or PP to www.paypal.me/sugarsalon/25. To book call the salon at 770-813-7718 or text to book at 678-240-0261.
$45 natural hair silk press (regularly $55) which is a ceramic iron press a flat iron press, which includes a shampoo with some of our "top of the line" hair products and a FREE steam hydration treatment which is "heaven" for your hair. Or choose a $75 Amino Acid Treatment (regularly $100) This Offer is only valid to new clients of Sugar Salon and is only offered on Saturday and Sunday with our Stylist, CoCo B. To book this Offer, text the Owner at 678-249-0261 and mention the $45 SIlk Press Offer! We hope to serve you soon!
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