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I offer a variety of chemical hair services , if you need exact pricing, please text 678-249-0261 for pricing information.




Prices are subject to change!

Relaxer, Curly Perm & Keratin or Amino Acid Straightening

If you need exact pricing, please text 678-249-0261 for pricing information.




Prices are subject to change!



CURLY PERM, please note that this IS A CHEMICAL... Your hair must be completely natural with NO CHEMICALS! No chemicals means that you can not have color in your hair. If you do your own color at home, I must know the name brand of the color product that you use because major breakage and over processing can occur if you have a permanent color in your hair. 


Relaxer Retouch 
Design Essentials, Affirm, Affirm Fiberguard, Mizani Butter Blend or Mizani Color Treated Hair)

Multicultural Straightening  (European hair textured)

Virgin Relaxer  (never been relaxed or 5 months or more of new growth)


Keratin is NOT a chemical and getting a keratin straightener means that you are getting a chemical-free service. Keratin is a protein and is already found in: hair, skin and nails; it depletes over time and getting a keratin straightener, means you are adding something back (keratin) that your hair needs to be healthy and the Amino Acid Straightener is so safe, it is so safe that it can be used on young kids of all ages. Keratin and Amino Acids makes your hair grow and get thicker, but always be sure to take a daily multivitamin which also helps hair to be healthy. A keratin and amino acid also gives you the option to wear the "relaxed look", without having to get a relaxer and without having to flat iron your hair every couple of days due to the reversion of your hair, yet you are maintaining "chemical free hair". Great for: natural, transitioning, color treated or relaxed hair. After getting a Keratin Straightener, it will give you the option to go from the "natural hair look", to the "relaxed hair look"with just a shampoo and if you are a Naturalita, you don't have to worry about losing your natural hair texture, because it will never be lost with these services. You can also get a keratin or an amino acid straightener even if you have relaxed hair and are trying to transition out of the relaxer. We are a Keratin Certified Salon. For more information on Keratin or Amino Acid Treatments, you can schedule a FREE Consultation or you can Google both Treatments to find out more information.


*KERATIN STRAIGHTENING (recommended for very course hair textures), last 4 to 5 months depending on after care.
M. Williams 

*AMINO ACID (recommended for young kids, teens and adults; lasts 3 to 4 months depending on after care)

With proper recommended at home care and salon visits,your keratin may last up to 3 months, at which time you can then get another keratin straightening service done if desired.
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Service Policy


Late Arrivals: I may not be able to service a client who arrives late therefore please call to inquire as to whether or not I can take you late and if you are running late please call. 


Consultations-I am not doing face to face Consultations at this time due to the Pandemic, I am offering Virtual Consultations at $25

Walk In Clients: Not accepting walk in clients, my services are booked by APPOINTMENT ONLY 

NO GUESTS- Please DO NOT bring guests nor children to your appointment due to the Covid19 Pandemic, please arrive alone due to fact that I cannot offer 6 feet of social distancing to guests. 


Kid Clients-Kids must be dropped off and picked up after service is rendered; unfortunately I cannot offer six feet of social distancing to parents nor guests due to my boutique style salons. I service kids ages 13 years and up, if you call and your child is younger than 13 years old, I can refer you to other Licensed Stylists who offer services to younger children. 

Food In The Salon: Please DO NOT bring food nor drinks into the Salon Suite; Thank you!

Thank you in advance for abiding by these policies and thank you for your patronage and continued support. You ARE Appreciated.

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